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  • "Bonded & Licensed"
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Our Work

We are a bonded and licensed private detective agency located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our staff is composed of highly qualified investigators and educated individuals, who have excellent people and organizational skills. We are licensed to perform investigations throughout the State of Pennsylvania. Our customers are individuals or small businesses with occasional investigative needs.

Background Investigations - Our pre-employment backgrounds fully comply with FCRA regulations. In addition, we conduct due diligence searches on domestic partners, prospective business partners and questionable individuals or companies. Many online background check web sites provide inaccurate results for a cheap price. Our background reports are highly accurate and can be augmented with optional interviews (Time & material costs apply).

Fraud - Fraud Investigations can help protect you, your family or your business. If you are a victim of email spam, ransomware, computer viruses, a hacked web page or a compromised social media account, then we can help.

Geneology - Researching your roots online can be a rewarding hobby until you realize you need to drive five hours to obtain a vital record that may not exist. We can go to a distant courthouse to find birth, death, divorce, probate or church records on your behalf. We also have extensive experience acquiring online records such as census records, vital records (birth, death, marriage, divorce), property records, immigration records, military records, etc.

Asset Search - Personal asset searches are used to uncover the financial status and history of an individual. They are used in premarital situations and in divorce matters. They are also useful in probate, where the assets of a deceased or incapacitated person are not fully known.